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The watch bezel is polished to a mirror shine. The round shape is inspired by the portholes of the cargo boats that you could view out to sea. This watch brings a symmetry with the guards on the crown being reflected on both sides, providing harmony and balance. 


The watch looks heavy, but the caseback is rounded giving a light and comfortable feel on the wrist. The case may appear large on paper, this is because the crown and sidepiece are oversized, but the bezel is only 42 mm.



The dial has a radiant appearance, inspired by the great art deco period. A time with truly amazing decorative ornaments and designs made to be looked upon for hours and hours. Ornamental harmony and symmetry, with the primary focus being visual rather than functionality. Each stripe on the dial represents one minute, making it easy to count the time with style. The dial offers a unique optical illusion once the light reflects upon it.


The Håkon watch is designed to be retro and rustic. A tribute to the lasting memory of both my grandparents. 

Little about the watch

The case is made of Stainless steel 316L and the timepieces with gold crown are gold plated.

The dial pattern is pressed, making it shine differently depending on the angle of the light. The dial is art deco inspired. The watch will be delivered with automatic movement NH35. The back is engraved with "Håkon Grunnleggerutgave" funders edition as tribute to you, the backer. This is a limited production run of only 100 pieces

_DSC0003 (3).JPG

Håkon watch specification 

  •   Case size: Ø 46.2 mm. Thickness 12.65mm 50.3 mm lugs to lugs. Diver                      screwed in, case-back with 6 notches.  

  •   Movement: Automatic NH35 self-winding movement. 24 Jewels,  21 600                     vibrations.

  •   Complications: Hacking Seconds, Hand Winding, Diashock, Magic Lever.

  •   Glass: Flat sapphire crystal

  •   Watch case material: Polished 316L stainless steel. Screwed in crown.

  •   Power reserve: 41 hours.

  •   Bezel: Solid bezel. Sapphire crystal.

  •   Bracelet & strap: Delivered with perlon strap (Metall strap could be                             unlocked, flushed to the design)

  •   Lug width: 22mm.

  •   Water resistance: 10 ATM, 100m = 300ft

_DSC0071 (2).JPG

Story of Håkon

As a young boy he would come home after school and work at the saw mill with his dad, helping the family out. From the work he would become quite strong for his age. At the age of 14 he grew tired of working at the mill and wanted more from life, arguing with his dad to board a ship. This was not legal as you had to be 15 at the time, however he started couple months before he became 15.

Life at sea was not easy and you had to become callous and be able to receiving some harsh punishments or hard work.

New York would was the first stop, were those who cried or could not do the job would be sent home. My grandfather stayed, and worked hard.

Fernside the first boat my grandfather boarded. They could have 12 passangers and it should be clean and no rust, here you would become a man learning from men who was honest but tough teachers.

One special story that i want to share was his trip to Cuba in 1956-57. He would travel to Cuba to load a cargo of sugar. As the adventurer he was he could not stay stil and wait in the boat as the loading would take at least a day or two. He would take the trip into the city, there he met two guys who led him into a bar. They would start drinking, and talking, but conversation would turn sour fast as they would talk about politics. The bar owner would become offended and call the Batista police, the police took him out and dragged him far away. The Batista had these batons that was slightly curved. They beat him real good, and he had to walk back home. Lucky half way he met a American that was chief of the loading docks that loaded the cargo ship he worked for.  My grandfather got a lift back to the ship, and the captain was furious. Where have you been!? My grandfather turned around and showed the captain a back all red and beaten. The captain said "That serves your right". As my grandfather talks about this story he laughs hard, how foolish he was and how deserving the punishment was.

Me and my grandfather (Håkon)

We became really good friends as i became older, talking all night, drinking, and singing old cowboy songs. Introducing me to classic country songs. We traveled to Rome and France. 

 (The trip to France, standing in front of Eiffel tower)

Customers outside of Norway

  All orders outside of Norway may be subject to VAT and taxes depending on the destination country.


Bjørn Hornnes watches are guaranteed for 1 years worldwide against any manufacturing defect. The warranty takes effect on the postal (to you) date of the watch.
  The straps, crystals will not be included in the warranty. Neither is damage to the case or movement resulting from mishandling. Also not included are defects due to inappropriate treatment or problems caused from repairs done by any other third party than ourselves.



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