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Design from toten

All designs are created by Bjørn Hornnes from Toten in Norway. 


One of Bjørn’s great passions is combining modern technologies with old handcraft techniques, blending traditions with the future and using different styles from various time periods. Bjørn utilises aesthetics from the masculine and feminine world to emphasis the relationships between hard and soft.

Story of the bear

My name is Bjørn, which in Norwegian means Bear. Hornnes is my mother´s surname, given to her by her father Bjørn Erik Hornnes. He was a very wise man and believed in family traditions and unity. He unfortunately passed away far too early. His death left a small scar, hard to heal. My grandfather and I often spent time discussing different topics of history, politics and beliefs. 


As time passed my grandfather on my father´s side, Håkon, would reach out for help with computers, and this evolved into nights drinking good whiskey, listening to country music and tales shared from his youth. 


My name is Bjørn Haakon (Håkon), a combination of my grandfather’s first names from both my mother and fathers side. In me both live. Bjørn Hornnes is a tribute to Bjørn Erik Hornnes, to keep the memories and his legacy alive.

Picture of Bjørn Erik Hornnes
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